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Thom Kulp’s Summer Mixed Media Class at AAH

Thom Kulp will be teaching Experimental Mixed Media at Art Association of Harrisburg beginning July 18. The class will run 6 weeks on Wednesdays from 6:00pm – 8:30pm.

In this session, students will experiment with collagraph prints. Making a collagraph printing plate and pulling prints from their plates will be a focus for the summer session class.  Thom will demonstrate how this technique can be an end unto itself or simply become another way to start a painting, i.e. LAYER, LAYER, LAYER!!! 

Each week will feature a demo and then a critique of the students work from the previous week.  In addition to collagraph printing, Thom will demonstrate how to make hand dyed tissue paper, how to create a composition with pre-made cut out shapes (randomly chosen), how to create a black and white composition with just gloss medium and black gesso, working on textured surfaces (spackling compound, glass bead gel, crackle paste etc.), and possibly starting a painting using “ink starts”. 

Thom’s main philosophy about anything he does or shows in class is that all these demos are simply different ways to START a painting.  It is up to the student to learn the techniques, incorporate them into THEIR own repertoire and add their own unique twists. 

For more information, or to register for the Experimental Mixed Media class, call Art Association of Harrisburg at 717-236-1432