Meet Our Members: Lynn Kennedy

Lynn Kennedy

Lynn Kennedy-Putt

Lynn Kennedy-Putt is a forever-growing Mixed Media Artist who thrives on new art form experimentation and exploring new mediums.  She started her education at the York Academy of Art later transferring to and graduating from Antonelli Institute. For the next twenty years, she worked at several advertising agencies where she advanced to an Art Director position.  Upon the birth of her first child, she left the ad agency and began working part time as a freelance artist.  While she enjoyed the freedom and rewards of being her own boss, the majority of her work still involved the use of computer graphics and she longed for the days of experiencing her work through her hands.  Having been a long time member of the Art Association of Harrisburg, she learned of an abstract art class offered by Linda Benton-McCloskey.  Lynn found her new passion.

Lynn has participated in the Harrisburg Cow parade and Kitefest events through the Whitaker Center and has won numerous awards over the years.  She is married with two school age children.

How do you describe yourself as an artist?

I am an experimental artist.  I am ever changing and growing in my painting.  I love trying new mediums and techniques.

Where do you create your art?

I create art in my basement.  My husband finished our basement several years ago and I have a room that I can leave the paints and everything else out.  YES, it is messy!

"Intense" by Lynn Kennedy

“Intense” by Lynn Kennedy-Putt

What is your favorite medium?

Being a mixed media artist, it is hard to pick out one medium of choice, because I love experimenting with so many.  One of the most versatile mediums I use is acrylic paints.  There are so many possibilities you can do with them.  I also like that they dry fast!

What are your favorite tools?

My hands are my favorite tools! I always have to have my hands in the paint.  My fingerprints are on all my paintings.

What motivates you to be creative?

Going to museums and art shows motivates me to be creative.  Seeing other creations, and being around creative people really inspires me.

Can you describe your medium and style?

The mixed media artist that I am, I love using a variety of different mediums and styles. I love abstracts, portraits and collage.

Describe your dream studio or creative space:

I feel I have my dream space.   Just having a room that I can create art in and not worry about how messy things get is my dream space.  Of course, it could always be a little bigger and more organized.

Do you have a favorite technique that you use a lot in your work?

I love texture and metallics.   I always seem to put one or both into a painting.  I try not to think too much when starting a painting or else it would take me a while before I start one.

"Drifting Away" by Lynn Kennedy

“Drifting Away” by Lynn Kennedy-Putt

How did you get into this type of art?

When my daughter was 12, I wanted to bond with her.  I knew she liked abstract paintings from taking her to museums.  I thought it would be fun to take an art class together. I signed us up for a mixed media class that Linda Benton McCloskey taught.  My daughter won first place in the student show at the Art Association of Harrisburg.  My daughter and I tend to argue when we paint together.  I have come to realize that arguing is bonding with her.  We bond a lot!  I enjoy doing art with her.  It has brought us closer.  She has a good eye for composition and design. I ask her opinion about my paintings and she makes good suggestions.

What are your favorite things about your work?

I like never knowing what the final painting is going to look like until it is finished.  I like being pleasantly surprised!

"Fulfilment" by Lynn Kennedy

“Fulfillment” by Lynn Kennedy-Putt

What artists do you relate to?

I seem to go to impressionist and modern paintings when in a museum. Gustav Klimt, Vincent van Gogh, Henri Matisse, Mary Cassatt, John Singer Sargent and Chidi Okaye are some of my favorite artists.

What are your goals for the future of your art?

Goals for the future are to paint a little every day…or at least once a week.  Being a graphic artist for the past twenty some years I want to paint for myself and not for others.

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